WildTech, a joint initiative of Mongabay, RESOLVE’s Biodiversity and Wildlife Solutions program, and the World Resources Institute (WRI), aims to accelerate the flow of information among scientists, forest and wildlife managers, technology innovators, and interested groups to catalyze the development and application of technologies for forest and wildlife conservation. WildTech highlights innovative uses of emerging and existing technologies in the field and facilitates the interaction of these groups to solve conservation challenges, in hopes of bringing the most promising solutions to scale. Furthermore, Wildtech serves as a learning space for front-line conservationists by documenting what works and what doesn’t so that others can replicate novel and effective technological applications freely.

With so many advances in the modern age, we see great opportunity to more effectively leverage technology in conservation efforts. Technology can save plants, animals, and habitats as well as help better protect conservation heroes working on the front lines, whose lives are put in peril on a daily basis. With your support, Mongabay’s WildTech initiative will continue to be a powerful platform for helping conservationists make smart and effective use of emerging technologies.