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The Mongabay Impact Fund empowers readers to guide and support our reporting on today’s most pressing conservation issues. Mongabay readers are dispersed globally, display a wide variety of interests, and are often leaders in the field of conservation. By becoming an Impact Fund member, you can provide valuable feedback and support for the thorough explorations of critical conservation topics you have come to rely on at Mongabay. This unique fund delivers sustainable and predictable levels of support that will catalyze enhanced reporting far into the future.

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The basic requirement for Mongabay Impact Fund members is a monthly contribution. Funders may then choose to make their voice heard through voting on our Mongabay Impact Fund portal, which includes top conservation reporting initiatives from our website:

Endangered Environmentalists
Conservation Effectiveness
Education (Kids News)
Almost Famous Animals
Opportunity map (beta)


If you’re interested in using another payment method, we also have JustGive and PayPal (credit card or Paypal account) as options.

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