As the global environmental crisis becomes more acute — climate change, pollution, habitat destruction, and resource scarcity — many citizens are employing bold tactics to pressure their governments to act, including direct non-violent action, boycotts, and large-scale protests. Unfortunately, these actions are too often met with deadly violence. Our Endangered Environmentalists initiative highlights their plight and ensures that their bravery is widely known so that the forces they face cannot act with impunity.

A number of governments, especially those with a deep financial stake in the status quo, are actively trying to muzzle the environmental movement. They’ve passed laws to shut down activist NGOs, increase fines and jail time for protesters, and revoked the tax status of environmental charities.

Environmentalists have also faced persecution and even murder by business interests. As climate change worsens — amid rising populations and dwindling resources — it’s likely these tensions will only become more acute. Their stories must not be swept under a rug.

Take a stand for these brave people by supporting the “Endangered Environmentalists” initiative. Together we can expose and hold accountable the aggression, intimidation and subversion of corrupt governments and business interests through publicizing the oftentimes saddening but always inspirational stories of environmental activists who put it all on the line.