We all know about the fight to save the endangered rhinos, tigers and orangutans. But how about the battle to save the beleaguered Javan slow loris, the Burmese starred tortoise, or the Bornean White-bearded gibbon? And who’s defending the endangered Asiatic golden cat, the little known Visayan deer, the proboscis monkey, and the Hairy Babirusa? If these are animals you can’t picture, with names that send you running to Google or Wikipedia, you’re not alone. But it’s well past time that the world knew about these Almost Famous animals — before they go the way of the dodo.

The Almost Famous Animals reporting project publicizes the plight of little known and threatened tropical, subtropical, and temperate zone animals, and serves to highlight the wildlife scientists working to protect them.

Pictured above is the docile and absolutely fascinating pangolin, one of our featured “almost” famous animals. Unfortunately, pangolins have become a major casualty in the illegal wildlife trade, which could lead to their extinction in some parts of their range. Our reporting on this species has shed light on their plight and drawn the attention of the global community.

As illegal poaching and the black market wildlife trade expands, the importance of drawing attention to the under-appreciated, critically threatened species that make up of this trade has become increasingly clear. Ecosystems are complex and interdependent. No animal should be left out of the equation if we are to truly protect nature. Please join us in this vital awareness campaign.